Unless otherwise stated, events are online. Timings:

  • EMEA – Europe daytime, workshops typically run from the UK or Scandinavia
  • APAC – Early morning UK time, for Asia and Australasia
  • Americas – Late afternoon / evening UK time, for the Americas

But we don’t check passports – come to whichever workshop suits you.

Don’t see your preferred workshop near you or for your time zone? Get in touch!

06 October, one 2-hour session, EMEA-friendly timing:
Probe! Stories, Hypotheses, Challenges, and Experiments (EMEA)
Mike Burrows
20 October, Online, 10:00BST, 11:00CEST:
Free webinar: Good obstacle, bad obstacle (EMEA)
Mike Burrows
17-20 November, 8 online sessions (2 per day over 4 days) of 120 minutes each, EMEA-friendly timing:
Agendashift Deep Dive: Coaching and leading continuous transformation
Mike Burrows

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