Help: Monitor survey participation

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As people join your survey, you will be alerted by an activity indicator next to the Context dropdown menu:

On mobile, the Context menu is hidden, so an indicator is shown next to the 'hamburger' menu also:

From the Context dropdown itself, click 'Activity' (this too is highlighted) to bring up the Activity page:

From there you can navigate to your survey. Scrolling to the bottom of the survey administration page you'll see each participant's assessment listed:

Click an assessment's date field to see its prompt-level detail, or on its chart icon for a survey report for that one assessment (in the format described in help topic Debrief your survey results).

Using the 'Action' dropdown button you may also perform these administration tasks on selected assessments:

  • Add/remove tags – see help topics Distribute your survey and Debrief your survey results
  • Archive – affected assessments will be hidden from view (but you can see them and potentially retrieve them by clicking the link 'Show archived data instead'
  • Exclude from reports – affected assessments will remain visible but their data ignored
  • Unexclude from reports – undo exclusion
  • Delete...(no undo) – affected assessments will be deleted permanently

Need more help with survey administration? Try the #assessments channel in the Agendashift Slack.

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