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Welcome to the Agendashift™ Outside-in Strategy Readiness Assessment

Developed for the Agendashift Academy module Outside-in Strategy: positioned for success, this short assessment comprises 3 prompts for each of the 5 layers of Agendashift's outside-in strategy review:

  1. Customer– “What's happening when we’re reaching the right customers, meeting their strategic needs1
  2. Organisation – “When we’re meeting those strategic needs, what kind of organisation are we?”
  3. Product- “Through what products and services are we meeting those strategic needs?”
  4. Platform– “When we’re that kind of organisation, meeting those strategic needs, delivering those products and services, what are the defining/critical capabilities that make it all possible?” – “When we’re achieving all of the above, what kind(s) of team(s) are we?”
  5. Team(s)

1Strategic needs: Their needs, our strategy

Before you start: “Choose a scope and stick to it” – thoughtfully score each prompt for the same context all the way through, scoring for the combined capability of all who would participate in the strategy process

At the end, on the Review page: You have 6 stars to spend across 3-6 prompts, prioritising prompts for further discussion.

The template for this assessment is currently available only in English.

Like all the Agendashift assessment tools it can be used as the template for an organisational survey too; if you're an Agendashift partner, you'll find it on the templates dropdown.

Welcome to the Agendashift Outside-in Strategy Readiness global survey!

The assessment template for this survey was developed for the Agendashift Academy module Outside-in Strategy: Positioned for Success, part of the Academy's Leading with Outcomes curriculum. For the organisational scope of your choosing, you will be assessing its readiness to develop and pursue outside-in (customer-first) strategy.

  • Over 5 short pages – 1 for each of 5 categories – you will be scoring a total of 15 prompts (3 per category) on a scale of 1-4
  • “Choose a scope and stick to it” – thoughtfully score each prompt for the same context all the way through, scoring for the combined capability of all who will participate in the strategy process
  • Then on a review page that brings all your scores together, you have 6 stars to spend across 3-6 prompts, identifying those prompts you think should be given further consideration

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