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Our reporting tools are designed not just (or even mainly) to help you analyse results, but to engage people in a participatory process. To that end, the Results section of you survey’s administration page (below) includes two main categories of report

  1. Survey debrief reports – 'Compact', 'Minimum viable debrief', and 'Classic'
  2. Handouts – 'Pathway', 'Original', and a combined report

The remaining reports are not intended for wide consumption.

Survey debrief reports

Choose between the 'Compact' report, the shorter 'Minimum viable debrief', and longer 'Classic' report


  • Put your browser into fullscreen mode and use your presentation clicker to page through your report. If your clicker does not work, check Enable Up/Down keys in unbenchmarking report in your user preferences (click Account, then Preferences, and Update afterwards).
  • You can also use the page up (PgUp) and page down (PdDn) keys on your keyboard, and also the up/down buttons if you have that user preference set.
  • If you prefer to navigage using your mouse, click the PgUp and PgDown buttons on the control in the top right hand corner of the report. Using the dropdown, you can jump straight to any section.

  • Click 'Include/Exclude/Compare' to filter results by tag or to change the baseline to which your results are compared – the in-built model, a survey (perhaps a filtered version of the current one), or none
  • Click 'Show all' to include all sections at once, perhaps for printing.
  • Don’t take too long over it! The debrief reports are sequence such that you can quickly get participants comfortable with the overall shape of the data before finishing with the most interesting prompts – ie those with widest spread and those that have been starred. You don’t need to go through it line by line.


Print just the sections/pages you need! Use the Pathway (Reverse STATIK) order if you plan to use the mapping exercise as described in the book. Otherwise, using the Original order gives you one less thing to explain! I like to print 2-page reports single-sided and in colour, printing enough for one between every two partipants.

Need more help with survey administration? Try the #assessments channel in the Agendashift Slack.

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