Help: Create a new survey

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To create a new survey:

  1. Click 'New Survey...', which you'll find in the 'Assessments' dropdown in the navbar at the top of the page:

  2. In the 'New survey' page, either:
    • Select an existing context1 for your survey from the dropdown and click 'Next: Survey Details'
    • Or create a new one, if you have the necessary permissions (the name and description fields will be disabled if you don't)

  3. In the 'New survey in context' page:
    • Select a template for your survey from the dropdown
    • Give your survey a name
    • Optionally, add welcome and thank you messages3

You will then be taken to your new survey's administration page. For the duration of your browser session you'll find handy shortcut to your new survey in the Assessments dropdown, along with its context and any others that you visit:

If you need to find your survey again (perhaps in a subsequent browser session) you can find it via its context, which you'll see listed when you click 'My contexts'.


1 Contexts are just containers for surveys. If you're a trial user, you'll have single context called 'Free trial', created for you automatically. Partners can create separate contexts for each of the client situations they work in.

2 Trial users have access to the mini (18-prompt) templates only.

3 The welcome and thank you fields support CommonMark (, a standarised Markdown format.

Need more help with survey administration? Try the #assessments channel in the Agendashift Slack.

Next: Distribute your survey

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