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Alexei Zheglov

Founder, Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Anti-consultant

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Alex Pukinskis

Product Development Leader

Berlin, Germany


Alper Tonga

Agility Coach at Runtastic (adidas) - Kanban Coaching Professional

Linz, Austria | LinkedIn | Twitter

Andrea Chiou

Founder and Coach, Connections At Work, LLC

Reston, Virginia | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Andreas G. Wittler


LinkedIn | Xing | Twitter

Andrew Jones

Client Partner Director - South Africa Software Development Hub Ltd.

South-East UK

www.sasdh | LinkedIn | Twitter

Angela Doyle

Executive C-Suite Coach, Speaker, and International Trainer

Angie Main

strengths & leadership coach, HR practitioner, servant leader advocate

NE England

Anne-Marie van Rens

Agile Delivery manager/Agile coach - TEKsystems


Antonio Menchero Fernández

Lean Agile Trainer & Coach



Asad Safari

Factful Agile Coach | Twitter

Ben Hogan

Melbourne, Australia | LinkedIn | Twitter

Bob Galen

Agile Coach

Cary, NC | LinkedIn | Twitter

Brad Hughes

Lean/Kanban/Agile Coach & Trainer

Richmond, Virginia | LinkedIn | Twitter

Brice Walsh

Senior Director of Continuous Improvement @ T4G

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | LinkedIn

Bruce P. Henry

Principal Consultant

Seattle, WA USA

Caglagul Turhan


Christophe Achouiantz

Lean/Agile Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Simplifier

Sweden (Dalarna) | LinkedIn | Twitter

Craig Lucia

United Kingdom

LinkedIn | Twitter

Dhaval Shah

Lean/Agile Coach | Agile Fluency Diagnostic Facilitator



Dragan Jojic

Director at Capagility Consulting


LinkedIn | Twitter

Girish Kumar

Head - Product Engineering, SKF Global Technical Centre India

Bangalore, India

LinkedIn | Twitter

Gonçalo Valverde

Agile Coach

Lisbon, Portugal


Halldor Kvale-Skattebo

Agendashift partner•XSCALE XBA and XPM Coach and Trainer•G2G3 Certified Trainer

Oslo, Norway


Ian Carroll

Founder at Flowcore

Manchester, UK | LinkedIn | Twitter

Itopa Sule

Enterprise Agility Coach & Executive Advisor | LinkedIn

Ivaylo Gueorguiev

Agile Coach and Trainer

Sofia, Bulgaria | LinkedIn

James Steele

Founder at SquirrelNorth, Principal Consultant

Ottawa, Ontario | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Janis Lama

Principle Agile Transformation Coach

Solid Reason | LinkedIn

Jean-Paul Bayley

Lean & Agile Coach / Trainer

UK | LinkedIn | Twitter

Jens-Christian Fischer

Team Lead Infrastructure & Data

Zurich, Switzerland

LinkedIn | Twitter

Jerzy Stawicki

President at JS PROJECT

Poland | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Joakim Manding Holm

Lean-Agile Organisation Development Consultant

Sverige | LinkedIn | Twitter

Johannes Klose Andersen

Enterprise Agility Coach

Copenhagen /Malmö

LinkedIn | Twitter

Johan Nordin

Change Enabler and Trainer at Simplify Change in Sweden AB

Sweden | LinkedIn | Twitter

Jon Jorgensen

Director of Agile Coaching

Mission Viejo, California, USA | LinkedIn | Twitter

Jose Casal

Business Agility consultant, coach & trainer

UK / Europe | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Julia Wester

Founder at 55 Degrees AB, Principal Consultant

Svedala, Sweden | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Karen Beck

Agile Delivery Specialist/Agile Coach



Karen Velasco

Performance management consultant, facilitator, coach and trainer

Hampshire, UK | LinkedIn | Twitter

Karl Scotland

Agile Transformation Services Practice Manager, TEKsystems

UK | LinkedIn | Twitter

KAVEH Kalantar

Accredited Kanban Trainer and Consultant | Product Coach

Czech Republic | LinkedIn | Twitter

Kenny Grant

Lean Agile Consultant


LinkedIn | Twitter

Kert Peterson

Business Agility Consultant

Charlotte, North Carolina | LinkedIn

Kirill Klimov

Agility Kanbanizer

Kyiv, Ukraine, International | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Kjell Tore Guttormsen

Agile coach

Oslo, Norway


Krzysztof Giwojno

Lean and Kanban Coach and Trainer, Continuous Delivery and DevOps Enthusiast

Berlin | LinkedIn | Twitter

Kumar Dattatreyan

Managing Partner at Agile Meridian, Executive and Lean Change Coach

Stow, OH | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Lazaro Wolf

Agile Coaching . OD/Transformation . Leadership Coaching

London, United Kingdom | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Łukasz Lichota

Enterprise Agile Coach @ Ocado Technology

Kraków, Poland


Martin Aziz

Principal Consultant, SquirrelNorth

Toronto, Canada | LinkedIn | Twitter

Matthew Skelton

Founder at Conflux, Co-author of Team Topologies

UK | LinkedIn | Twitter

Matt Turner

Founder@Hapus, Partner@Sooner Safer Happier, AKT, Business Agility Coach

North West UK | LinkedIn | Twitter

Michael Maricevic

TEKSystems - Practice Architect

Colorado, USA

Mike Burrows

Founder at Agendashift, co-founder at Agendashift Academy

UK | LinkedIn | Twitter

Mike Horwath

Co- Founder | Agile Coach | Performance & Strategy Director 1ovmany

London | LinkedIn

Mike Leber

Executive Consultant | Lean & Agile Coach | Trainer

Vienna, Berlin, International | LinkedIn | Twitter

Mike Robinson

Principal at Quvee

Cambridge, UK


Miks Veltmanis

Product Operations Manager

Solid Reason

Mo Hagar

Agile Transformation Coach

USA | LinkedIn

Morteza Ahmadi

Director of Agile Transformation/OKR Champion


Nataliya Trenina

Organizational Coach


LinkedIn | Facebook

Nikos Batsios

Agile coach

Thessaloniki, Greece | LinkedIn | Twitter

Oleksandr Karytskyi

Agile Coach

Kyiv, Ukraine

LinkedIn | Facebook

Olivier MY

Agile Coach

Paris, France | LinkedIn | Twitter

Pavel Klymenko

Sr. Engineering Manager, Adobe

Kiev, Ukraine | LinkedIn | Twitter

Pepe Hernández

Acredited Kanban Trainer and Lean Consultant

Zacatecas, México | LinkedIn | Twitter

Perla Velasco-Elizondo

Agile/Lean Coach and Trainer



Phil Cain

Founder -

London | LinkedIn

Philippe Guenet

Coach & Advisor - Digital Leadership - ICF PCC / ACTC / ORSC-C

London | LinkedIn | Twitter

Radoslaw Orszewski

Lean Agile Coach

Wroclaw, Poland | LinkedIn | Twitter

Rand Eaton

Epiphany Engineer

Twin Cities, MN | LinkedIn | Twitter

Rasoul Baghban

👨🏻‍💼 Agile Guy 🧢 Organisational Coach 🧠 Learner

Melbourne, Australia

LinkedIn | Twitter

Ray Edgar

Business Agility Partner : Systems Thinker : None-Believer

Yorkshire UK | LinkedIn | Twitter

Reiner Ritter

Collaboratively shaping the future of work. Unleashing the power of agility

Germany, Bavaria, Augsburg

Ricardo Liberato

Founder and Chief Transformation Coach

Solid Reason | LinkedIn

Richard Cornelius

Founder at Cornelii Ltd, Lean Agile Consultant and Coach

Worksop | LinkedIn

Russ Lewis


UK, Europe, Americas | LinkedIn | Twitter

Salah Elleithy

Leadership and Agile Coach | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Sergey Konischev

Agile Coach


LinkedIn | Facebook

Shawn Adams


Sophie Weston

Principal at Conflux

York, UK


Steven Mackenzie

Add Agility - Agile and Kanban Process Coach, Agendashift Facilitator

United Kingdom | LinkedIn | Twitter

Sunish Chabba

Melbourne, Australia

LinkedIn | Twitter

Susanne Bartel

Agile and Kanban Coach and Trainer

Hamburg, Germany | LinkedIn | Twitter

Teddy Zetterlund

Organizational Product Development Helper

Stockholm, Sweden | LinkedIn | Twitter

Thomas Ayerst

coach, manager, architect

Brighton, England, United Kingdom

LinkedIn | Xing | Twitter

Tim Hagen

Process Improvement Manager

Pullman, Washington, USA | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Troy Tuttle

Lean Agile Coach

Lenexa, KS. USA | LinkedIn | Twitter

Virendra Naran

Transformation Consultant

EMEA | LinkedIn

Wolfgang Rathert

Chief Engagement Officer

Zurich, Switzerland | LinkedIn

Yury Lytvynenko

Agile Coach

Kharkiv, Ukraine | LinkedIn | Xing | Twitter | Facebook

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