Agendashift is a Lean-Agile engagement model that helps everyone from individual contributors to senior leadership engage with and participate in Lean-Agile change. It has proven effective in organisations large and small, technology-intensive or otherwise – including technology startups, large corporates, non-profits, and government-sector bodies, both local and national.

Building from agreement on outcomes, Agendashift facilitates rapid, experiment-based evolution of process, practice, and organisation. We help you keep your business vision and transformation strategy aligned with and energised by a culture of meaningful participation.


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21-22 November, Berlin, my last public workshop of the year

Quick one… Today, I’m on my way to Brescia, Italy for a 1-day workshop tomorrow and then Italian Agile Days 2018. Then, in exactly two weeks, my last public workshop of the year: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation (Berlin, 21-22 Nov) I would love to see you there! Just a little under a month away and […]

Agendashift is not a maturity model

Agendashift – an engagement model – is sometimes mistaken for a maturity model. I can imagine how this happens, but let me explain. At no point did we specify a number of stages or steps and further corroborate with characteristics (what Wikipedia describes as a top-down approach). Neither did we determine distinct characteristics or assessment items […]

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Agendashift™ is brought to you by Positive Incline Ltd, UK-based specialists in Lean-Agile transformation. Founder Mike Burrows pioneered the values model for the Kanban Method that led to his definitive book, Kanban from the Inside. His new book Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation was published in April 2018.

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