We’re in the business of building wholehearted organisations – organisations that embrace their obstacles and contradictions as opportunities for authentic engagement and leadership, the start of new conversations and new kinds of conversations


Agreement on outcomes is the most powerful enabler for strategic change that we know, and with us it’s outcomes all the way down – aspirations, objectives, key results, the impact of small experiments – explored and organised coherently


We believe that organisational success comes through participation – keeping the process of developing and evolving strategy integrated with organisation development and delivery, and all three aligned to mission and purpose

The time to take a close look at 1) your strategy and 2) your ways of working is now. You need to do those together – integrated, wholeheartedly, no half measures. The place to do it is online. We’re here to help you.

Helping you navigate the work of strategy, change, and transformation:


Workshop, coaching, and assessment tools, many of our resources released open source


Five core activities, two key generative patterns, and a golden thread: the language of outcomes


Lean-Agile, Cynefin, Clean Language, Solutions Focus, Lean Startup, OKR, and more


Integrated online workshop experiences facilitated by us, a partner, or yourself


As described in the book Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation (2018) and resourced through the Agendashift partner programme, four transformation strategy workshops:

  1. Core Agendashift: Facilitating Outcome-Oriented Change
  2. Applied Agendashift: Co-Creating Your Transformation Strategy
  3. Agendashift Deep Dive: Coaching and Leading Continuous Transformation
  4. Agendashift Online: Learning the language of outcomes

New for 2020, two outside-in (customer/environment-first) strategy workshops leveraging the outside-in strategy review as described in Right to Left: The digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile:

  1. Impact! Story, strategy, and outcomes for products and services
  2. Wholehearted:OKR – Bringing OKR to life with Agendashift

Facilitated by an Agendashift partner, workshops are run both publicly and privately. Other workshops based on our tools and materials:

  • Outside-in strategy reviews, service delivery reviews, etc
  • Training workshops, based on (for example) our simulation games Changeban or Featureban

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The starting point of our wholehearted mission is authentic engagement on issues that matter, and an Agendashift assessment is an important way to kick-start that conversation.

The Agendashift Delivery Assessment in particular – the one introduced in chapter 2 of the book – is for many people their first experience of Agendashift; it sets the tone for what follows, and we take it very seriously! Unlike the vast majority of assessment tools – prescriptive, practice-centric, and therefore disappointing and frustrating to their respondents – ours is outcome-oriented and framework-agnostic by design, helping you quickly build agreement on outcomes, a legimate and powerful basis for change.

Experience this and related assessments in one of three ways:


Get a taste by participating in our global survey, which uses the ‘mini’ (18-prompt) version of our flagship assessment, the Agendashift Delivery Assessment.


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For our workshops, the assessment is typically distributed as prework a few days in advance or completed through a series of one-to-one conversations. Survey results may be debriefed via a clicker-friendly web report, printed for group work, or distributed as a PDF.

If you aren’t yet working with the support of a partner, you may still commission a full survey via the Agendashift Unbenchmarking Service. Interpreting the results will be largely up to you, but you’ll be helped by our machine learning model which identifies potential areas of opportunity for you automatically.

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The books

By Agendashift founder Mike Burrows:

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Agendashift™ is brought to you by Positive Incline Ltd, UK-based specialists in Lean, Agile, strategy, and change. Founder Mike Burrows came to prominence in the Lean-Agile community as the orginator of Kanban’s values model, out of which came his first book, Kanban from the Inside (2014). His more recent books Agendashift (2018) and Right to Left (2019) bring a resolutely needs-based and outcome-oriented perspective to change, transformation, and the Lean-Agile landscape as a whole, contributing meanwhile a number of popular tools, games, and other resources. He works as a consultant, facilitator, and trainer, and as a keynote speaker at events public and private around the world.

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