You know how it goes: somewhere there’s a desire for change, but somehow it just isn’t happening.

The vision, the aspiration, and the well-considered initiatives all seem to be there, but still you find yourself facing three universal challenges:

  1. People driven to cynicism and disengagement by the repeated failure of imposed solutions
  2. Hidden systems reinforcing old behaviours, driving the same old results
  3. The necessary innovation not happening, stifled by decisions made at the wrong time by the wrong people

Familiar? You shouldn’t be surprised: traditional approaches to change make these problems worse, not better. That’s our motivation to provide a real and practical alternative, helping organisations succeed at developing and pursuing the kinds of strategy that go hand-in-hand with transformation.

We follow three guiding principles:

  1. Keep asking the agreement on outcomes question1
  2. Keep bringing outcomes to the foreground
  3. Keep finding new places for strategy to happen

1What if we put agreement on outcomes before solutions?

These are leadership strategies, strategies for getting better at strategy, meta strategies if you like. Having the kinds of conversations that too often get missed, working backwards (“right to left”) from key moments of impact and learning, and enabling it all to happen everywhere – developing business agility at every scale.

Just trying them out – in one of our workshops perhaps – is enough to generate something of real business value. Work at them for just a little while longer and the transformation process is already underway. As for scale, that depends on who’s invited, and we can help with that too.

Who we are:

What makes us different:

  • Our open framework: Having more in common with dialogic organisation development, Lean Startup, and OKR than it does with traditional change management, Agendashift is in the vanguard of a new category, the engagement model. Agendashift gives leaders new ways to approach their adaptive challenges, to keep people engaged people in that process, and to keep the organisation whole as it transforms.
  • Our deep commitment to outcomes: not just outcomes first but outcomes at the forefront throughout – maximising their meaningfulness, their significance, and their power to inspire collaboration, innovation, and reinvention
  • Our mission: the wholehearted and Deliberately Adaptive ( organisation. Not someone else’s framework to be imposed out of context, but something to pursue – a holistic integration of strategy, delivery, and organisation development that works at each scale and between scales, embedding engagement, participation, and purpose

What we provide:

  • Through the Agendashift Academy (, “leadership and strategy for the transforming organisation”), self-paced training and public workshops for leaders at every level – managers, practitioners, and more
  • Through our partner programme: integrated workshop materials and our unique assessment tools
  • Through our partner network and directly: consulting, coaching, and facilitation services
  • Free resources – tools, templates, and training games – as used by practitioners the world over

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From the Agendashift™ Academy, Leading with Outcomes: Foundation
Launched February 2022, self-paced training for all leaders in transforming organisations

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2022-04-05, video, interview:
Video: Leading with Outcomes. Breaking free from the Solution-driven Paradigm!
Agile Leadership Spotlight – Mike Burrows interviewed by Mike Leber
2021-11-09, video, meetup:
Video: Leading and Transforming with Outcomes
Agile Hartford
2021-08-30, video, webinar:
Up and Down the Deliberately Adaptive Organisation
#bacommunity webinar series, Blackmetric Business Solutions
2021-08-30, video, meetup:
Leading and Transforming with Outcomes
Kanban New Zealand - the Limited-WiP-Society
2021-08-30, audio, podcast:
Agendashift with Mike Burrows
Agile Uprising Podcast with Claudia Orozco-Gomez & Jay Hrcsko,

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Read the book, now in its second edition:

Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation
Mike Burrows, (2nd edition March 2021)

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The Agendashift partner programme

Calling all practioners! Join us in our mission: Helping organisations grow in wholeheartedness – to become less at war with themselves, their obstacles, imbalances, and contradictions identified and owned, value and meaning created through authentic engagement.

Removing what stands in the way of becoming a Deliberately Adaptive Organisation, business agility at every scale:

Agendashift partners

Corporate partners:

In our partner directory you’ll find dozens of individual practitioners in more than 20 countries worldwide listed. To become a partner yourself, start here:

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The full range of assessment templates, no limits on survey size, a license to use our workshop materials, and an optional listing in our partner directory.

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The Agendashift Delivery Assessment in particular – the one introduced in chapter 2 of the book – is for many people their first experience of Agendashift; it sets the tone for what follows, and we take it very seriously! Unlike the vast majority of assessment tools – prescriptive, practice-centric, and therefore disappointing and frustrating to their respondents – ours is outcome-oriented and framework-agnostic by design, helping you quickly build agreement on outcomes, a legimate and powerful basis for change.

Experience this and related assessments in one of three ways:


Get a taste by participating in our global survey, which uses the ‘mini’ (18-prompt) version of our flagship assessment, the Agendashift Delivery Assessment.


Free trial

Administer your own team surveys for up to 10 participants per survey with a selection of our ‘mini’ (18-prompt) edition assessment templates.

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Full access

Together with several other benefits, partners have access to the full range of assessment temnplate and may conduct surveys of unlimited size.

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For our workshops, the assessment is typically distributed as prework a few days in advance or completed through a series of one-to-one conversations. Survey results may be debriefed via a clicker-friendly web report, printed for group work, or distributed as a PDF.

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About us

Agendashift™ is brought to you by Positive Incline Ltd, UK-based specialists in Lean, Agile, strategy, and change. Founder Mike Burrows came to prominence in the Lean-Agile community as the orginator of Kanban’s values model, out of which came his first book, Kanban from the Inside (2014). His more recent books Agendashift (2nd edition 2021) and Right to Left (2019, audiobook 2020) bring a resolutely needs-based and outcome-oriented perspective to change, transformation, and the Lean-Agile landscape as a whole, contributing meanwhile a number of popular tools, games, and other resources. He works as a consultant, facilitator, and trainer, and as a keynote speaker at events public and private around the world.

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