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Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation

We are champions and expert facilitators of outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation. Building from agreement on outcomes, Agendashift facilitates rapid, experiment-based evolution of process, practice, and organisation. Instead of Lean and Agile by imposition – contradictory and ultimately self-defeating – we help you keep your business vision and transformation strategy aligned with and energised by a culture of meaningful participation.

Agendashift is a modern, inclusive, and fundamentally outcome-centric approach to organisational transformation. Its roots are in Lean-Agile but it remains framework-agnostic by intent and design. It is delivered via an online assessment/analytics tool, workshops, and follow-on assistance and technical training as needed. It has been applied both inside and outside of IT and across diverse industries, both technology-centric and otherwise.

For a partial list of change practitioners equipped to use Agendashift, see our partner directory. In additional to these mainly external coaches and consultants, other members of our partner programme also include managers and other internal agents of change.

Philosophy: Principles and True North

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Assessments and ‘unbenchmarking’

The Agendashift delivery assessment is a uniquely outcome-oriented and methodology-agnostic survey tool. This is not the typical lazy checklist of favourite practices; rather, it's there to help organisations find a way forward from where they are now, wherever they happen to be on their transformation journey.

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The Agendashift unbenchmarking report uses machine learning techniques to provide valuable insight to your survey results. Based on correlations between scores we have observed in past surveys, we’re able to highlight areas of potential interest, data points that are above or below what might be expected given your other scores.

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The Agendashift transformation strategy workshops

These come in three main flavours:

  1. Core Agendashift: Facilitating Outcome-Oriented Change
  2. Applied Agendashift: Co-Creating Your Transformation Strategy
  3. Advanced Agendashift: Coaching and Leading Continuous Transformation

The first two workshops share the same material but differ in their audience and goals. The Core workshop is aimed at practitioners and is about the facilitation process and its outcome-oriented techniques; the Applied workshop focuses on the host organisation, and its main goals are to create a compelling agenda for change and to begin the process of putting that agenda into action. Both share the same 4 sessions:

  1. Discovery: Establish context, identifying strategic goals and obstacles
  2. Exploration: Debrief the unbenchmarking report; generate and prioritise outcomes
  3. Mapping: Build a compelling agenda for change, a story map for the transformation
  4. Elaboration: Generate and prioritise options; frame and develop actions

The 2-day Advanced Agendashift: Coaching and Leading Continuous Transformation expands on these four sessions and adds a fifth:

  1. Operation: Change as real work – reapplying the tools of steps 1-4 to the specific challenges of encouraging change and sustaining continuous transformation

All three workshops use the delivery assessment as prework; the Advanced workshop uses the adaptability assessment also.

Agendashift partners use our materials on their own or combined with material from other sources. They are delivered in standalone workshops, used incrementally for team exercises over a period of weeks, and incorporated into the day-to-day practice of coaching and consultancy.

In addition to private workshops for our clients, we run public practitioner-focussed workshops from time to time. Visit our events calendar for information about upcoming events. If you don't see one near you and might be interested in organising or hosting, get in touch.

The book

Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation, published April 2018.

See also: Recommended reading – key references from the book.


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Agendashift™ is brought to you by Positive Incline Ltd, UK-based specialists in Lean-Agile transformation. Founder Mike Burrows pioneered the values model for the Kanban Method that led to his definitive book, Kanban from the Inside. His new book Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation was published in April 2018.

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