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We help leaders and engaged team members at every level to gain fluency in the language of outcomes – developing and pursuing strategies together, innovating and adapting as the organisation learns to renew and transform itself. More...

Resources: Agendashift Leading With Outcomes: Cheat Sheet

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It is released under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license. Subscribe via the button below and you’ll have access both to a PDF you can print and to the original .pptx file. Adaptations, translations, etc welcome!

Agendashift Leading with Outcomes: Cheat Sheet


See True North and the IdOO pattern pages for the setup questions (left middle on the cheat sheet).

Omitted for reasons of space:

  • Our trusty context-setting kickoff exercise Celebration-5W
  • Practice Outcomes, aka 5% Outcomes, 15% Outcomes (blog.agendashift.com), an optional warmup to 15-minute FOTO based on a version of SFBT‘s miracle question (en.wikipedia.org); see also The Solutions Focus, Jackson & McKergow
  • The Charitable Explanation, a deep and empathy-building look at obstacles – Systems Thinking meets Schein's culture model; see Organizational Culture and Leadership, Edgar H. Schein

For more information and additional references see Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation (2nd edition 2021) and its recommended reading page.

The Language of Outcomes

Or more properly, the language of needs, obstacles, and outcomes, Agendashift’s golden thread.

The cheat sheet supersedes the old Language of Outcomes resource. The 5-part blog series that spawned it remains relevant however:

  1. Identifying the adaptive challenge
  2. Framing obstacles
  3. Generating outcomes
  4. Organising outcomes
  5. Between ends and means

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