Agendashift as framework: Agendashift’s generative patterns

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The patterns:

  1. Ideal, Obstacles, and Outcomes (IdOO)
  2. Right-to-Left Strategy Deployment

At their intersection is the agenda for change, kept visible through the core activity Mapping and through regular reviews of strategy and delivery. Mapping and related techniques of visual management help to:

  • Organise the outcomes generated in the first and as a medium for its ongoing work
  • Manage the learning process, reflecting priorities and other thinking as it evolves

Within and across these two key generative patterns can be found many other reusable patterns and principles. These are particularly important:

  • Right to Left: Ends before means, outcomes before solutions, and the two MBMs – meaning before metric and measure before method (2MBM)
  • Participation – both generally and across boundaries
  • Generative conversations
  • Just in time (JIT)
  • Iteration
  • Validation
  • Double loop learning

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