Agendashift™ partners: Julia Wester

Julia Wester

Founder at 55 Degrees AB, Principal Consultant

Svedala, Sweden | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Joined 2017-04-09

As an Agendashift partner, Julia is in the business of building wholehearted organisations.

Julia shares in our mission to help organisations grow in wholeheartedness – less at war with themselves, their obstacles, imbalances, and contradictions identified and owned – so that needs can be met and outcomes achieved more effectively, creating both value and meaning in the process.

Accordingly – and equipped with all the tools of a Agendashift partner – Julia can serve you in a number of ways:

  • Help you increase effective participation across and between strategy, development, and delivery
  • Help you articulate the outcomes around which your operational, improvement, and transformational work should be aligned, a facilitated, participatory process
  • Help your organisation embrace the language of outcomes, minimising lazy prescription and freeing people and teams to find innovative solutions to your most important challenges
  • Help your organisation on its path to wholeheartedness, facilitating both the formation and pursuit of an effective transformation strategy