Become an Agendashift™ partner: Licence agreement

Your annual subscription to the Agendashift partner programme covers for a single, named individual:

  1. Full access to the online tools on, in particular enabling you to create the contexts and surveys within which individual, team-level, or organisation-wide assessments are held
  2. Materials for facilitating Agendashift transformation strategy workshops and for use in your coaching or consulting work
  3. Onboarding/coaching in the form of up to 3 hours of online meeting – on first joining primarily, then subject to availability thereafter
  4. The option to have your user profile included in the
  5. Ongoing support via email and Agendashift Slack

Further information on setup may be found at the help page Partner programme preparation.

Unless otherwise agreed, original files (Powerpoint, Excel files, etc) are provided solely for your use as in the role of workshop facilitator. After each facilitated event you may provide your attendees with personal PDF copies of the materials you have used, incorporating a page that states our conditions of release.

You agree not to pass off Agendashift material as your own. You may customise our materials as needed, but copyright, trademark, and usage notices, Agendashift name, logo, and URL must be retained with equivalent prominence.

You agree not to publish our materials to wider audiences or in forms other than PDF and as described above.

Except for materials covered by open source licences, you agree that in the event that your partner status ceases you will discontinue all use of our materials and materials derived therefrom.

You agree to respect and help uphold our site-wide privacy, security, and usage policies.

We encourage to you feed back ideas, suggestions, and improvements. We do not undertake to pay directly for substantial work (eg new modules or language translations) but some compensation in the form of discounts or commissions may be appropriate.


  1. You agree not to use the online tools for public surveys without permission
  2. You agree not to use the Agendashift prompts outside the tool (eg on paper, Excel, or by email) without permission
  3. You agree not to advertise Agendashift workshops as public training without permission

Original files for materials released under a Creative Commons licence (eg the A3 template) should be obtained from me directly; recipients can then be kept informed of updates.

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