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With participants working in small table groups (4 people per group is ideal), the typical post-debrief flow is as follows.

  1. Using handouts as described in Debrief your survey results, they prioritise their top 5 assessment prompts (per table group). We often faciliate this 1-2-4-All ( style.
  2. They identify and prioritise obstacles to their chosen prompts
  3. From those obstacles they generate outcomes using the 15-minute FOTO exercise
  4. They generate action ideas for a selected outcome
  5. For the most promising action idea they frame a hypothesis and develop it using the Experiment A3 template

In a training seeting, outcomes may be prioritised according to their openness to a diverse range of possible actions and thereby their amenability to a hypothesis-driven approach. Sometimes other approaches are more appropriate (this is covered in the book and can be explored visually through Mapping).

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Need more help with survey administration? Try the #assessments channel in the Agendashift Slack.

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