The Agendashift™ partner programme

Full partners

Full access to the the Agendashift tools, facilitation materials, and more:

  • Create your own contexts and surveys with our full range of assessment templates
  • Use them in one-to-one, team, or organisational settings
  • Analyse survey results, with full control over when you share them with participants
  • Facilitate your own Agendashift transformation strategy workshops and coaching sessions using our latest materials
  • Get listed in our partner directory (if you wish — your listing is under your control)
  • A dedicated private channel in the Agendashift Slack

All full partners will be onboarded via online meetings, covering:

  • Online tool administration
  • The coaching opportunities generated by the assessment tools
  • The underlying models: Clean Language, Lean & Lean Startup, Agile, Kanban, Cynefin, A3, and more

Read the small print: Partner licence agreement.

Corporate partners

Corporate partnership is designed to meet the needs of a range of current and potential Agendashift users:

  • Service providers (eg consultancies, Agile coaching companies, or looser collectives) with multiple practitioners and a shared corporate identity
  • Single-person (or larger) service operations who encourage their clients to use Agendashift under their own steam, as a help along their road to self-sufficiency
  • End user organisations managing their own Lean-Agile journey internally, with some internal coaching capability

Corporate Agendashift partnerships come with:

  • 25% discounts on additional full partners, onboarded by us or your existing partners
  • 50% discounts on associate partners, onboarded by you
  • The option for your corporate logo to appear on our home page, linked to the page of your choice

Associate partners

Join as a colleague or client of a corporate partner. The same benefits as full partners except the directory listing.


Annual membership as a full partner is just £275*, with discounts available to employees of charitable, non-profit, educational or public-sector organisations. Discounts for countries outside the major economies are available also, based (roughly) on purchasing power. We do not add usage charges for the tools or materials.

Corporate Agendashift partnerships start at the annual cost of two full individual partners, or are awarded to single-partner entities in recognition of commercial activity that has been to the benefit of other partners (hosting workshops, obtaining endorsements, etc).

All of the above prices are reduced by £50 for the first year for each partner who has attended one of our Agendashift practitioner's workshops (whether public or private).

*Prices exclude VAT where applicable.

Payment options

  • 1 year in advance: pricing as above
  • 2 years in advance: 20% discount
  • 3 years in advance: 30% discount

Yes I'm interested!

Still not sure?

Two low-commitment options to check out:

1. Agendashift™ unbenchmarking service

A different kind of assessment with unique, machine-assisted analysis. This is not the lazy consultant's way of telling you that you're not using their favourite practices; neither is it “everyone else is better than you” (they aren't) or “you're doing it wrong” (we're not here to judge). It's there to help you find a way forward from where you are now, wherever that happens to be.

2. Agendashift™ free trial

For free, create your own Agendashift surveys for use with individuals or small groups. You'll have access to the 18-prompt "mini edition" assessment template, which is available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, and Greek.

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Agendashift™ is brought to you by Positive Incline Ltd, UK-based specialists in Lean-Agile transformation. Founder Mike Burrows pioneered the values model for the Kanban Method that led to his definitive book, Kanban from the Inside. His new book Agendashift: clean conversations, coherent collaboration, continuous transformation was published in May 2017.

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