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Don't kid yourself: organisational transformation is not a quick fix exercise! Sending your teams on some training or installing some new team-level process will get you only so far, and if done without awareness of the potential pitfalls it can cause as many problems as it solves.

As its title implies, our white paper 6+1 Essential strategies for successful Lean-Agile transformation describes a multi-dimensional approach. The six main strategies come in two groups:

  • Addressing gaps:
    1. Skills-first
    2. Team-first
    3. Needs-first
  • Sustaining transformation:
    1. Improvement-driven
    2. Alignment-driven
    3. Purpose-driven

Why not reconcile your transformation approach with these strategies? What gaps might that exercise reveal? Whenever a robust plan is the required output from an Agendashift transformation strategy workshop, that's exactly what we do.

For the seventh strategy (the '+1' of the title), you'll have to read the paper. Request it here:

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The need for leadership

Transformation is rarely achieved without leadership engagement. For a deeper understanding of this relationship, watch Agendashift founder Mike Burrows give his talk Servant Leadership un-neutered [Vimeo] recorded at the 2016 Øredev Conference. The main body of this talk is organised around the six strategies.

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