Model overview (clickable)

The clickable image above shows the Agendashift principles (numbered 1-5) mapped to:

  • The five activities of the Agendashift engagement model, as practiced by our partners
  • The process of continuous, outcome-oriented transformation described in the Agendashift book
  • The four or five sessions of the typical Agendashift workshop

As workshop sessions:

  1. Discovery: Getting a shared sense of where we’d like to get to, identifying needs, ambitions and aspirations as well as shorter-term outcomes
  2. Exploration: Identifying opportunities for change, choosing appropriate change management approaches
  3. Mapping: Visualising plans and priorities
  4. Elaboration: Keeping the change process fed with ideas, framing options as hypotheses and developing them as experiments
  5. Operation*: Towards a truly adaptable organisation, people at every level fully engaged in change as part of their real work

*1-day workshops typically do not cover Operation.

Agendashift workshops generally finish with the Full Circle exercise as described in the book's Epilogue.

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