Core activities: Exploration

Exploration: Identifying opportunities for change; recognising appropriate change management approaches.

As a workshop session:

Exploration image

The Core Agendashift workshop includes the following Exploration exercises (with their related models/inspirations):

As practiced once already in Discovery, at the heart of Exploration is the generative pattern Ideal, Obstacles, Outcomes (IdOO):

  • Ideal (or Ideal best): In a context already established, a lightly guided reflection on some provided or harvested generative image or adaptive challenge, here each prioritised assessment prompt. “What’s it like when it’s working at its ideal best? What new stories could you tell?”
  • Obstacles“What stops that? What gets in the way?” – see also Good Obstacle, Bad Obstacle for tips on raising the quality of obstacles
  • Outcomes: 15-minute FOTO again (this time the Classic edition), with the resulting outcomes organised in the Mapping activity

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