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Core Agendashift: Facilitating Outcome-Oriented Change

Leading change in the 21st century? You need a 21st century engagement model:

  • Based not on the imposition of prescribed solutions but around authentic agreement on outcomes
  • Not linear and plan-based, but emergent, humane, and complexity-conscious
  • Not just one-off projects, but the beginning of new conversations and new kinds of conversation
  • Not proprietary, but open and framework-agnostic – built by and for a welcoming community of experienced practitioners working at the intersection of Lean, Agile, organisation development (OD), and strategy deployment

The Core workshop ‘Facilitating outcome-oriented change’ provides a single-day pass through the Agendashift engagement model. It is aimed at coaches, consultants, and managers wishing to practice a range of outcome-centric facilitation techniques and develop some awareness of the continuous transformation process.

It is run both publicly and privately; see the Events calendar for upcoming public workshops.

Who should attend?

The core workshop is aimed at all agents and leaders of organisational change – whether internal or external, specialist practitioner or sponsor.

Public workshops are focussed primarily on skills. You will however have ample opportunity to put them into your organisational context and demonstrate Agendashift’s ability to meet organisational needs in ways such as these:

  • Launching, refocusing, or reenergising continuous transformation in your organisation
  • Enhancing your organisation’s internal coaching and change management capability
  • Embedding outcome-orientation and continuous transformation through leadership development

For private workshops, there is some choice in the balance between the focus on skills and on the production of artefacts of real value to the organisation. We use Core for mainly skills-focussed workshops and Applied where the goal is organisation development. The longer Advanced workshop gives more space for both.


  • Practice in a range of outcome-oriented facilitation techniques
  • Recognition of the role of outcome orientation in the modern organisation
  • Understanding of the integration of techniques and concepts from Lean-Agile, Kanban, Clean Language, Cynefin, Lean Startup, and A3

Workshop facilitation

Your facilitator will be one of our most experienced partners, either Agendashift founder Mike Burrows or a close collaborator.

Workshop overview

Important note: Not every exercise can be covered in depth in a single day, and your facilitator will prioritise according to need. The Mapping exercises are considered optional, and Mapping may sacrificed in its entirety in favour of the Changeban game or to allow more time for Discovery. Typically, 1-day workshops do not include Operation (chapter 5 of the book) and it is omitted below.

1. Discovery: Describing where we'd like to get to

Exploring organisational context, objectives, obstacles, and outcomes using these exercises:

2. Exploration: Prospecting for opportunities

The opportunity to practice skills acquired in Discovery, using for raw material an analysis of the Agendashift delivery assessment (an online survey distributed in advance as prework):

3. Mapping: Building a visual transformation plan

Typically just one of these mapping exercises, organising the outputs of Exploration:

Option Approach Mapping1
Option Relationship Mapping2
Pathway Mapping

1Not its real name
2Previously known as Reverse Wardley mapping

4. Elaboration: Framing actions, testing our thinking

An introduction to hypothesis-based change:

Changeban (I):
A process of knowledge discovery
Options to experiments


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