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We help leaders and engaged team members at every level to gain fluency in the language of outcomes – developing and pursuing strategies together, innovating and adapting as the organisation learns to renew and transform itself. More...

Workshops: Coaching with Outcomes (CwO)

Update: Until April 2021 this interactive workshop was previously known as Leading with Outcomes (LwO). That name now belongs to the corresponding (and complementary) self-paced training.

In this hands-on workshop of two 2-hour sessions we practice two related things:

  1. Putting outcomes before solutions, being outcome-oriented
  2. The language of outcomes as an essential discipline for managers, coaches, facilitators, and consultants

At this workshop’s heart is the IdOO pattern, short for Ideal, Obstacles, Outcomes. Demonstrating its power and flexibility we use this pattern twice, implementing it with a range of different tools over the two sessions.

Whatever your role, if you’re in the business of encouraging innovation, change, and transformation – helping people engage meaningfully in change-related work – then this workshop is for you. Our short training workshops Strategic Mapping with Outcomes and Probe! are ideal followups.

Among this workshop’s sources and inspirations are Clean Language, Solutions Focus, Challenge Mapping, Lean, and Agile. The Agendashift™ delivery assessment is included in the second session.

Online, this participatory workshop is conducted ‘open mic’ via Zoom and Google Docs. Afterwards, participants receive a certificate of participation.

Workshop overview

1. Discovery: Describing where we'd like to get to

Discovery image

Establishing organisational context and high-level objectives, obstacles, and outcomes using these exercises (and more):

  • Celebration-5W – our context-setting kickoff exercise
  • True North / Obstacles – reflection, followed by obstacle generation and refinement
  • 15-minute FOTO (Lite) – the introductory version of our Clean Language-inspired coaching game
  • Plan on a Page – organising the outcomes produced in the preceding exercises

2. Exploration: Prospecting for opportunities

Exploration image

Prospecting for opportunities, practicing skills acquired in the first session and reinforcing the IdOO pattern as we dig into the detail:

About Agendashift™, the wholehearted, outcome-oriented engagement model

In the vanguard of a new category, the engagement model

You can’t upgrade your organisation like you’re upgrading your email server! Traditional change management’s track record on cultural and other adaptive challenges is so disastrous that it’s time to carve out a new category, the engagement model.

Engagement models have just three jobs to do:

  1. To structure and support the work of those who would encourage innovation, change, and transformation
  2. To help the organisation engage its staff meaningfully in change-related work
  3. To keep the organisation’s parts engaged with each other as they change

If any of those jobs are yours too, you’d want an approach that encourages engagement, not destroys it!

Outcomes all the way down, outcome-oriented

Agendashift deals coherently, humanely, and strategically with outcomes ranging from the most aspirational of goals to the impact of the smallest experiment, and everything in between. With outcomes generated, organised, and developed through participation, agreement on outcomes is a natural part of the process; solutions follow as they should on a just-in-time basis.

Because we enjoy its broad range, we prefer not to define outcome too tightly. Here though are some helpful starting points:

  • Someone’s need met (see also our definition of done and the first of our principles)
  • A story’s happy ending
  • The way the world changed for someone

Shared examples of outcomes such as these – both real and imagined – help to connect everyday work to mission, purpose, and strategy. That’s what makes outcomes so powerful!

We’re in the business of building wholehearted organisations

Our mission: Helping organisations grow in wholeheartedness – to become less at war with themselves, their obstacles, imbalances, and contradictions identified and owned, value and meaning created through authentic engagement.

More: About Agendashift™

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