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Workshops: Wholehearted:OKR – Integrating strategy, development, and delivery

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is – to use the Wikipedia definition – a framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. Done well (wholeheartedly), it’s a great model for participatory strategy deployment. Done badly... well let’s just say that you don’t want to do it badly!

OKR joins Lean and Agile as one of those things for which the way you introduce it matters at least as much as the thing itself, placing it very much within the scope of Agendashift, the wholehearted and outcome-oriented engagement model and open framework for participatory change. Happily, their respective aims coincide in the importance they attach to outcomes and to the integration of strategy, development, and delivery.

This workshop addresses 5 key challenges with OKR:

  1. How to define objectives that are relevant, meaningful, compelling, and generative
  2. How to measure key results with insightful metrics that will guide and stretch appropriately
  3. How to deliver key results – finding the innovations
  4. How to manage at multiple levels of detail
  5. How to support and sustain the process

Of all our workshops, Wholehearted:OKR delivers the most complete realisation of Agendashift’s wholehearted mission. It demonstrates how to create opportunities for:

  • Authentic engagement on issues that matter
  • Meaningful participation across strategy, development, and delivery
  • Anticipating and meeting needs
  • Leadership around outcomes (each inviting the other)

Run this workshop within your organisation and you will be creating these opportunities as you learn. Or join a public workshop and share with other practitioners – the choice is yours!

Workshop overview

The Wholehearted:OKR workshop comprises 8 sessions of between 90 and 120 minutes each, typically delivered in 4 half days or 2 full days, online by default.

Wholehearted:OKR image

Sessions 1-4: Outside in strategy – customer and external environment first

  1. Context

    • Identifying the adaptive challenge
    • Celebration-5W
    • Introducing OKR, 4DX, and Agendashift
    • Stories as expressions of strategy, the meaning behind the metric

  2. Outside-in strategy review (I)

  3. Find your objectives

    • Plan on a Page
    • Option Approach Mapping (not its real name)
    • Option Relationship Mapping
    • Define your “Wildly important goal” (WIG)

  4. Outside-in strategy review (II)

Sessions 5-8: Right to left and upside down – outcome-orientation and organisation design

  1. Changeban (optional – may be replaced by the Agendashift delivery assessment)

  2. Identify your measures of success

    • ODIM: Objective, Decision, Insight, Metric
    • X-Matrix / TASTE: True North, Aspirations, Strategies, Tactics, Evidence
    • The Meaning, Measure, Method pattern
    • Leading & lagging indicators; Balancing metrics; Scoreboard
    • The organisational view: Who identifies with what metric?

  3. Options and experiments

    • Strategic prioritisation
    • Generating and selecting ideas
    • Experiment A3

  4. Organising for (mutual) accountability

    • Cadence of accountability
    • Organising in circles
    • [Outside-in Service Delivery Review (OI-SDR)]

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This workshop was created in collaboration with Karl Scotland, Steven Mackenzie, Kjell Tore Guttormsen, and Mike Haber.

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