Workshops: Agendashift Outside-in Strategy Review (OI-SR)

The Agendashift Outside-in Strategy Review (OI-SR) is described in the 2019 book Right to Left: The digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile. It comprises five sessions:

  1. Timeframe, strategic drivers/challenges, etc – with Celebration-5W

  2. As given in the Outside-in Strategy Review (OI-SR) template, the outside-in questions – capturing objectives for each of the following five layers in turn, sequenced to expose internal contradictions when looking back up/out in the customer direction:

    1. Customer – “What's happening when we’re reaching the right customers, meeting their strategic needs1
    2. Organisation – “When we’re meeting those strategic needs, what kind of organisation are we?”
    3. Product – “Through what products and services are we meeting those strategic needs?”
    4. Platform – “When we’re that kind of organisation, meeting those strategic needs, delivering those products and services, what are the defining/critical capabilities that make it all possible?”
    5. Team(s) – “When we’re achieving all of the above, what kind(s) of team(s) are we?”

    1Strategic needs: Their needs, our strategy

  3. From Obstacles to Outcomes – with 15-minute FOTO

  4. Structure a plan

  5. Developing options – with the Agendashift Experiment A3 template

May be augemented by the Agendashift Outside-in Strategy Readiness assessment – an inside-out look at your capability to develop and pursue outside-in strategy.

Workshop materials are available via the partner programme.

Outside-in Strategy Review

This workshop is available for private use only. The longer workshop Wholehearted:OKR – Integrating strategy, development, and delivery is available both publicly and privately, and incorporates all the material of the Outside-in Strategy Review. The shorter Impact! Story, Strategy, and Outcomes for Products and Services concentrates on the Customer layer (and indirectly the Organisation and Product layers). Our several Transformation Strategy Workshops can be seen as focusing mainly on the Platform and Team(s) layers.


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