Workshops: Strategic Mapping with Outcomes

This 2-hour hands-on workshop covers mapping and other visualisation techniques employed in our longer workshops. In Agendashift, Mapping is the bridge between Agendashift’s two generative patterns:

  1. Organising outcomes generated by occurrences of the Ideal, Obstacles, Outcomes (IdOO) pattern and as a medium for the ongoing work of the Discovery and Exploration activities
  2. To help manage the process of Right-to-Left Strategy Deployment, reflecting priorities and other thinking as it evolves

No quadrants or clusters will be (ab)used in this workshop!



  • Challenge Mapping, bootstrapping the outcomes used in later exercises
  • Plan on a Page, the simple visualisation used in Discovery

Then the “string” of exercises defined for the Mapping activity, each exercise both valuable in its own right and making its successor easier:

  • The Cynefin Four Points Contextualisation exercise (Snowden), introduced under the pseudonym Option Approach Mapping
  • Option Relationship Mapping (Keogh/Scotland, Wardley), previously known as Reverse Wardley Mapping
  • Pathway Mapping (User Story Mapping meets the Reverse STATIK model)
Mapping image

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