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Impact! Story, strategy, and outcomes for products and services

Impact! is a 1-day Agendashift workshop focussed on products and services, suitable for product teams, service delivery teams, managers, and expert practitioners. It covers:

  • Capturing business context
  • Hypotheses and experiments
  • Alternative/complementary expressions of user need
  • Thinking strategically about outcomes
  • Managing your portfolio of experiments – optimising and organising for learning
  • Experiment design with A3
  • And briefly, some implications for organisation design

In short, a great way to get everyone onto the same page and speaking the same language – not just in terms of jargon, but much more importantly in terms of needs and outcomes, especially those that matter strategically.

Many of the concepts covered in the Impact! workshop are introduced in Right to Left: The digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile, chapters 5 and 6. Reading the book is not a prerequisite, but if you enjoyed the book, you’ll love the workshop – and vice versa!

Workshop overview

Four sessions:

1. Getting started

  • Business context – with Celebration-5W
  • User stories and job stories
  • Hypotheses, “hard” and “soft”

2. Product/service goals – outcomes as strategy

  • Outside-in strategy
  • “What new stories could you tell?”
  • Outcomes and obstacles
  • Product/service goal generation – with 15-minute FOTO
  • Option Relationship Mapping (previously known as Reverse Wardley Mapping)

3. Managing experiments, optimising for learning

  • Changeban – our Lean Startup-flavoured Kanban simulation game
  • PDCA and double-loop learning

4. Experiment design with A3

  • Impact mapping (optional)
  • Idea generation & selection
  • Hypothesis design
  • Experiment A3
  • Review & retrospective


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