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As featured in the poster and on the back of the 15-minute FOTO cue cards, Agendashift's ultimate goals expressed as a True North statement, released under a Creative Commons with-attribution licence to enable its wider use and to encourage adaptations:

As text (the "Imagine..." is optional):


Everyone able to work consistently at their best:
  • Individuals, teams, between teams,
    across the organisation and beyond
  • Right conversations, right people, best possible moment
  • Needs anticipated, met at just the right time

Chapter 1 of Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation (2018) describes the True North used in conjunction with 15-minute FOTO, our coaching game. Instead of a lecture on Lean and Agile, we like to start with the True North as a jargon-free invitation that engages the imagination. Then (describing the process in brief):

  • What's that like? What's different?
  • What obstacles are in the way?
  • What would you like to have happen?
  • Then what happens?

This powerful workshop or coaching exercise is the start of a generative process that encourages meaningful participation and co-creation.

See also the blog post A True North for Lean-Agile?.

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