Resources: IdOO Breakout Generator – Setup

Focus your Ideal, Obstacles, Outcomes (IdOO) breakouts with this handy generator!


  • Leave the prompt field clear to use the Agendashift True North
  • Click Random to get a prompt from one of our assessments
  • Or compose one – try to make it both engaging and non-prescriptive
  • Some Agendashift-related examples:
    • “Done” means someone’s need was met (source)
    • ...reaching the right customers, meeting their strategic needs (source)
    • People collaborating over the rapid evolution of working software that is already beginning to meet needs (source)
    And one we composed for an HR-related event:
    • Together, our systems for recruitment, reward, and recognition are 100% focussed on growing and sustaining a wholehearted and deliberately adaptive organisation
  • When you’re ready, click Generate and share the generated page; spend a few moments there before the first of the three breakouts. Privately to each participant (we store no data) the final Review page gathers together any notes captured for each breakout.

What’s happening?

Designed for informal online settings such as meetups, this tool makes it easy to demonstrate the Ideal, Obstacles, Outcomes (IdOO) pattern, the strategic coaching and facilitation pattern we use with a variety of different starting points and in combination with a range of coaching tools. With it we can launch confidently into online breakout rooms knowing that all participants have easy access to supporting material.

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