25 June, one 2-hour session, EMEA-friendly timing

This workshop is offered both publicly and privately.

Workshops: Stories, Hypotheses, and A3

This 2-hour hands-on workshop features the Agendashift Experiment A3 Template. It is based on the Elaboration session of the Core and Deep Dive workshops, with additional material from the Impact! and Wholehearted:OKR workshops.

Topics and exercises:

  • Stories, authentic situations of need, and hypotheses “hard” and “soft”
  • Just-in-time option selection
  • Generating and selecting solution ideas
  • Framing solution ideas as hypotheses
  • Developing solution ideas with the Agendashift Experiment A3 Template (below)
  • Portfolios of experiments
Agendashift Experiment A3 template image

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