Workshops: Outside-in Strategy Workshops

Our second family of workshops, as introduced in Agendashift (2nd edition 2021) and developed in Right to Left (2019, audiobook 2020):

All our workshops can be delivered online, typically over multiple days in sessions of up to two hours each.

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Choose your outside-in strategy workshop

1. Wholehearted:OKR – Integrating strategy, development, and delivery

This 2-day / 8-session workshop uses the outside-in strategy review as a safe and effective way to approach Objectives and Key Results (OKR). Get the benefits, avoid the dysfunctions, and begin to see your organisation differently. More...

2. Impact! Story, strategy, and outcomes for products and services

A 1-day Agendashift workshop for product people. Different expressions of user need; managing your portfolio of experiments; thinking strategically about product evolution; options, hypotheses, and experiments. More...

3. Agendashift Outside-in Strategy Review (OI-SR)

A private strategy review, typically as a 1-day workshop. It is also the platform on which the Impact! and Wholehearted:OKR workshops are built. More...

Public or private?

With the exception of the private-only outside-in strategy review workshop (the platform for the others), all workshops are offered both publicly and privately. Private workshops represent an important opportunity to review and develop strategy; public workshops are more about the approach and techniques.

Your workshop will be facilitated by an Agendashift partner, the majority of whom are listed in our [partner directory]. Our unlisted partners typically work exclusively within a single client organisation (often their employer), enabling self-service access to the full range of tools and materials.

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