The Agendashift™ practitioner workshop

Imagine… everyone able to work consistently at their best:

  • Individuals, teams, between teams, across the organisation
  • Right conversations, right people, best possible moment
  • Needs anticipated, met at just the right time

“Looking back to the Agendashift session in Leeds a few weeks ago, it has been incredibly helpful to me in my professional development”
“What stood out for me was how the participants started to develop a shared ownership of organisational change through shared outcomes and values. It managed to align even a bunch of strangers”

In a safe environment, practice the skills of outcome-centric change facilitation, as described in the book Agendashift: clean conversations, coherent collaboration, continuous transformation. Working on things that really matter to your client organisations, apply some powerful techniques from Clean Language, Lean Startup, A3, Cynefin, and Kanban.

The Agendashift Values-based delivery assessment is set as pre-work for this workshop. In keeping with the assessment, the workshop is light on jargon and prescription and strong on inclusivity and honest reflection. Most of all, it is about opportunities, outcomes, alignment, and action.

Who should attend?

The practitioner workshop is aimed at agents of organisational change. Whilst the majority of attendees have been coaches and consultants, a significant minority have been project managers and team/departmental leaders also.

The practitioner workshop may be held privately (to train internal practitioners), publicly (see our events calendar), or semi-publicly (hosted by a client organisation and open to outsiders).

For a version of this workshop aimed at general audiences inside client organisations, see the Agendashift transformation mapping workshop.

Typical structure

For a full day workshop (talk to us if you'd like something shorter):

  • Discovery: Explore strategic objectives, obstacles, outcomes, change strategies
  • Analysis: Debrief your Agendashift values-based delivery assessment, agree scope
  • Mapping: Build a transformation plan
  • Elaboration: Generate, frame, and develop actions
  • Operation: Organise for continuous transformation


  • Practice in a range of outcome-centric facilitation techniques
  • Awareness of the continuous transformation process
  • Understanding of the integration of techniques and concepts from Lean-Agile, Kanban, Clean Language, Cynefin, Lean Startup, and A3.

Workshop facilitation

Your facilitator will be one of our most experienced practitioners, either Agendashift founder Mike Burrows or a close collaborator.

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About us

Agendashift™ is brought to you by Positive Incline Ltd, UK-based specialists in Lean-Agile transformation. Founder Mike Burrows pioneered the values model for the Kanban Method that led to his definitive book, Kanban from the Inside. His new book Agendashift: clean conversations, coherent collaboration, continuous transformation was published May 2017.

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